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4. It's tall maximum height is just over 70" (55" without the center column.

With the ballhead and the height of the camera, the viewfinder is nearly at eye.

00 Glide Gear PTH 360 Wireless Motorized Pan Tilt Head Kit 360 Degree 40-50M Remote Control (2) 299.

The straight scope, because of its additional height requirements, does does need a very stable support but one of the tripods mentioned with, for example a Manfrotto 701HDV head, should certainly be adequate. . At 10-feet with a 360-degree view, your chances of bagging a deer are greatly increased.


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. Don&39;t let anything in the way of your shot.


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Specifications. 00 with coupon.

Your answer is the maximum tripod height needed. This cool new Glide Gear TST 20 is an expanding 20 foot tall tripod stand designed to get your camera up sky high for filming or photographing sporting events like football or soccer games, outdoor scenery, crowds, concerts, outdoor weddings, or just anytime you need to capture an epic shot from a super high angle.

Key Features.
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Kenro Karoo Travel Tripod Kit 104C.


The idea for seeking out the MegaMast came to CheesyCam when he decided to find a way to capture aerial-style.

5FT - 10 FT; Weight 5. If the tripod foot of the scope has a 38" thread, then use a QR plate with a 38" screw. .

. Read more httpcheesycam. This allows me to create compositions with a wide angle lens that would not be possible otherwise. Durable aluminum construction with extendable legs. Durable aluminum construction with extendable legs. .


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What is the brand name of the tripod I have only been able to find tripods up to 120 inches and that is only 10 feet.