Spinning toppers can be enough to protect perimeter walls and fences from unwanted climbers.

Mar 1, 2012 MAXguard fence spikes and wall spike strips use blunt tip metal spikes to stop climbing, discourage prowlers, intruders and nuisance animals, increasing the security of your yard or property. Feb 16, 2017 Setting one up with barbed wire might get you into trouble, because its potentially a lot more destructive than barbed topping on a fence or wall, but plain old fence wire will be an effective intruder deterrent.


Short of another actual fence, I would like to do lines of wire, barbed wire, andor electric wire around the existing fence.

Without an effective locking mechanism, most people can stick their hand in the doors gap and open the gate. . The trigger stick will give out from beneath the rock.

Regularly perform maintenance works.

84 cm) or 23 ft. Youll also be surprised at how quickly this stuff can be removed anyway by intruders coming prepared with heavy duty wire cutters and blankets. Make sure your rear garden gate is securely locked with a padlock, to make your home look less appealing to a potential burglar.

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Make sure to contact a local professional for more information.

Can I put barbed wire on my fence to stop intruders Can I put Barbed Wire on my Garden Fence As long as it is on your property and fence are able to use. .

Clear the fence of all vegetation and debris that could lower the effectiveness of the fence, tighten wires that are visibly slackened and fix all broken parts of the fence. Amazon sells this invisible dog fence system, which has a tone only mode.

Although razor wire and wall spikes are very effective deterrents to intruders, careful consideration should be given to mitigate your liability should anyone injure themselves whether innocently (or not) on your property.



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. . As a practical compromise between privacy and security, consider a solid fence topped with a trellis. Barbed wireconcertina wire, electric,and any material extending the height of the fence above legal limits. This should stop the trespassers in their tracks.

Now that your basic fence is built, lets get into add-ons.

Does barbed wire stop burglars Barbed wire is one of the most durable and effective security options available on the market. Step 2) With caution, unroll the barbed wire and take to the other end of the fence.


To prevent intruders from getting into your yard, there are a number of things you can put on top of your fence.

Depending on where you live, you may not be able to put barbed wire at the top of your fence to keep cats from climbing into your yard.

Be sure to put any tools away after a day of yard work.