The battery life will depend on the games you play.

It takes around three and a half hours to completely charge the Joy-Con controllers. 5 hours while the new Switch with a longer battery lasts about 4.

Whats more, its estimated that after 800 charge cycles, the average Nintendo Switch battery life drops by.


. How long do Joy-Con batteries take to charge The joy con charge time depends on the type of charger youre using. How do I know if my.

For instance, the battery will last approximately 5.

Switch Lite approximately three to seven hours. Power will still be supplied to the Joy-Con, but the recharge LED will not light up. .

5 hours while the new Switch with a longer battery lasts about 4. .

Nintendo Switch takes approx.


If youre using the Joy-Con Charging Grip, it will take about 3. .

If the Switch is being charged via the official AC power adapter, it will typically take 3-4 hours to fully charge a dead battery. .

A full charge takes around 3 hours for an 80 charge, which equates to roughly a 30 hour battery life for each controller.

The visuals and optimisation when docked aren't the most refreshing experience, as it doesn't feel as.

5 hours.

3. . The overall optimisation for the port to the Switch works well when playing in handheld.

. Thats quite a large window, with nine hours seeing you through an entire day on the go, but four and a half barely seeing you through to lunchtime. . . If you store a lithium-ion battery fully charged or close to fully charged for a long period of time, it will lose some of its capacity. 0 to 7.

If you plan to not play your Switch for a long time (think months), you should discharge the battery to around 50 and then store the device.

Nintendo Switch Lite Battery Life 3-7 hours; Nintendo Switch OLED Battery Life 4. Apr 12, 2023 The Nintendo Switch Lite features a battery life of up to nine hours.

For Nintendo Switch Lite,.

It will also last for the same 5.

5-9 hours on one charge.


The Joy-Con controllers battery may last for around 20-hour period when completely charged.