In 2014 Columbia Universitys Center for Justice, now headed by Geraldine Downey, grew out of a yearlong pilot project called the Justice Initiative.

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Columbia Southern Universitys online Bachelor of Science in criminal justice administration is suitable for both entry-level and seasoned professionals who are.


The Criminal Justice degree course requirements are identical for undergraduate and evening program students. . .


This degree program provides students with a working comprehension of constitutional and criminal law and explores the theoretical foundations, knowledge, skills and practices of. Join the next generation of leading legal scholars. Nutritional Epidemiology.

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Why Columbia Learn from full-time and adjunct faculty who are active prosecutors, defense attorneys, and sitting state and federal judges.


Patrick SemanskyAP. In 43 years of its existence, the Institute has made significant headway in the areas of training of criminal justice functionaries and others, as well as research in.

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The Office of Government and Community Affairs works with a variety of University and community partners on issues of justice in education and criminal justice change in order to help address a need in the Upper Manhattan community.
We promote, support and connect the work of our partners to bring greater awareness and connectivity to the criminal justice and incarceration related work happening across the university, to both the Columbia community and the.

Columbia Southern Universitys online Master of Science in criminal justice administration focuses on theories, research methodologies, technologies and more that.



J. . . . As a 2L and 3L, you will build on the skills and knowledge gained in your 1L courses by completing electives that focus on numerous aspects of the law.


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